Suspension set up is crucial to a great handling of the bike. Tailoring your suspension to suit your personal needs ensures that your bike is tailored to your specific weight and preference, whether it’s Motocross, Supercross, Enduro or FMX.

Moto Auz specializes in suspension set up and with our many years of professional experience feel confident in offering the best possible suspension expertise. Just ask the pros who are riding our suspension.

Our suspension services range from a total fork and shock valves, fork seal replacement, and suspension service.

Standard production dirt bikes have an internal standard suspension setup. This setting is determined by common figures and averages (weight, discipline, and speed). By reassessing your fork and shock, we can customize your suspension to suit your exact weight, discipline, and ability, giving you much stronger and better handling of your dirt bike.

Fork Seal replacements are essential for the maintenance of a great handling bike. Fork Seals should be replaced as soon as you notice your fork is leaking oil. We have a 60-day warranty on our replacement fork seal.


Moto Auz has a wealth of knowledge and experience in building high-performance engines. Building engines for some of Australia’s top riders have given the Moto Auz team the privilege of gaining valuable knowledge. Moto Auz can develop an engine that will take you a step above the rest. We only use the best products to deliver the best results. Full engine repairs, crankshaft repairs, cylinder head repairs, four-stroke cylinder head repairs, engine and chassis parts for your bike, tyres, chain and sprockets that we can cater to your needs.

We do all the work at our place using quality OEM parts. We’re proud to ensure that our engine performance is second to none and that our work is guaranteed. We customize our service and cater to all Motocross, Supercross, Enduro and FMX requirements.


Moto Auz is a Victorian Stockist, and a licensed GET Ignitions Tuner!GET ECUs are used by more racing teams around the world than any other aftermarket brand and Moto Auz is excited to announce their association with state-of-the-art GET Ignition systems.

GET ignitions are revolutionary and unique in this market and something that Moto Auz is proud to be a part of!