Bridgestone Battlax BT-023



  • A new tyre realizing consistent performance between TOURING and SPORT riding

    • Long wear life, high level of wet performance for TOURING and high performance similar to a SPORT tyre
    • Advanced new Sport Touring tyre
    • Consistent performance for use on heavy weight bikes
    • Solid mileage for touring. Appropriate pattern, construction and compound provide substantial wear life.
    • Appropriate combination of pattern and compound supports stable cornering even in wet conditions.
    • Consistency between TOURING and SPORT
    • Strong stability in high speed cruising, with grip and steering control like a sport tire in sport mode riding.
    • Confident / Comfortable Riding for Touring
    • Comfortable cruising for touring with good bump absorption and less noise.
    • This contributes to richer feedback and a more secure contact feel in all conditions.

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Additional information

Front Size

120/70 R17

Rear Size

160/60 R17

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