Moto Auz Smash Repairs will get your motorcycle back on the road, we use the latest distributor equipment tools and technology.

When using Moto Auz Smash Repairs, you have the added convenience of knowing that all work will be performed to the standards and quality of the manufacturer. If you use an “authorized repairer,” your motorcycle warranty will not be affected, provided you are still covered by a full factory warranty.

Unlike many other repairers, Moto Auz Smash Repairs has access to stock genuine parts and accessories from manufacturers through our extensive network and relationship with all the big motorcycle manufacturers.

  • Moto Auz Smash Repairs offer certification on fixes for the lifetime of your motorcycle.
  • Our technicians undergo comprehensive and ongoing training with vital knowledge to repair motorcycles to their original condition.
  • Moto Auz Smash Repair is a state of the art facility, with continuous advancement and designing joined with current innovation and improvements. We have global connections in fix and approach the system now and again, to ensure your bike leaves the shop as it would be before the mishap.
  • The safety and value of the motorcycle are retained.

We are pleased to recognize that most of our staff have been with us for over 4 years. Thus, giving an abundance of experience data and learning. We have some top global specialists in our group that have a consolidated encounter of 50 years of learning.

Moto Auz Smash Repair will collect your damaged motorcycle, anywhere in Sydney and we will bring it back to you at no cost. For more information, you may contact us at 1300882820.